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Chandigarh Literature Festival

Great Literature Needs Great Criticism

Clf 2015

"For a few days, we really were one big happy gathering discovering
so much together - authors, interviewers, visitors, students, hosts
and volunteers. It was a festival as deeply committed to books and
films as it was to people."

Rajorshi Chakraborti

“The wonderful Chandigarh Literature Festival is thoughtfully curated
and executed with warm hospitality. I enjoyed my sessions there
and hope to attend again another year”

Namita Gokhale

"This is that rare festival that looks in-depth at both cinema and
literature through the prism of extraordinary individual works rather
than focusing merely on celebrated individuals--filmmakers or
authors--who emerged in public view as a result of their work. It's
a very back to basics sort of festival in that sense. The lively,
engaging conversations that take place here emphasize how art
is always bigger than the artiste himself."

Mayank Shekhar

“I really enjoyed the chance to listen to some very focussed and
intensive discussions at the CLF. A writer talking to a critic about
her work is possibly the best model of literary conversation. May
it continue to find patrons and listeners!”

Anjum Hasan

About Adab Foundation

Adab Foundation is a non-profit registered society. It aims to bring Writers, Poets, Actors, Scriptwriters and Thespians together on a single platform to initiate a meaningful exchange of ideas.
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Organising Committee

Chandigarh Literature Festival is the brainchild of a deeply committed team of educationists, writers and literary professionals. CLF was conceived with the aim of putting Chandigarh on the nation's and the world's literary map.
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Unveil the vibrancy of thoughts in the realm of words and engage with the literary world at large. Come and celebrate some of the country's and the world's finest books at Chandigarh Literature Festival.
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Festival Format

Chandigarh Literature festival (CLF) was inaugurated in 2012 and was a landmark event for the city. For the first time, Chandigarh’s denizens had the opportunity to listen to and interact with writers from around India.
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Latest News

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CLF 2018 Venue

CLF 2018 Venue