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Chandigarh Literature Festival

Great Literature Needs Great Criticism

Clf 2015

138108389527222Chandigarh Literature festival (CLF) was inaugurated in 2012 and was a landmark event for the city. For the first time, Chandigarh’s denizens had the opportunity to listen to and interact with writers from around India.

CLF showcases individual books of different genres. These books are dissected, analysed, read out, discussed, debated and enacted. In other words, these books are celebrated the way excellent books truly should.


In 2013, its second year, CLF rebooted with a fresh new format that put literary criticism at the forefront of the event. India’s leading literary reviewers/critics, having a pulse on the best of the nation’s literary output, nominate books to be showcased at the festival. Every critic also serves as literary ambassador to the book s/he nominates. Having formed deep critical insight about the nominated book, the critic and author engage in a discussion, helping audiences achieve deep critical appreciation for the book in question.

The three day literary gala event includes discussions, readings, enactments and musical performances.