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Urdu hai Jiska Naam by Tamaasha group at CLF 2018

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Urdu Hai Jiska Naam…

In 2017, Tamaasha Theatre began its Urdu Readings programme as an attempt to enter the rich world of Urdu literature. Through the journey of the modern Urdu short story and subsequently, by exploring others forms of Urdu writing (such as letters, poetry, satire, articles, newspaper columns, etc.) they have looked at writers from the progressive movement, marking shifts in style and ideas in the subsequent period, and went on to explore the work of contemporary writers who continue to keep Urdu writing alive in India and Pakistan.

At the Chandigarh Literature Festival

Tamasha group is performing dramatised readings of texts written in four different forms :

  1. Kahaani
    Short Story
    ‘Singardaan’ by Shamoel Ahmad
    Reader: Sukant Goel
  2. Khat
    From Saadat Hasan Manto to a young Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
    Reader: Udit Parashar
  3. Tanz-o-Mazah
    ‘Marhoom Ki Yaad Mein’ by Patras Bokhari
    Reader: Sapan Saran
  4. Khaaka Nigari
    Pen Sketch
    ‘Dozakhi’ by Ismat Chughtai, on her brother Azim Beg Chughtai
    Reader: Priyanka Setia

About Tamaasha Theatre

Tamaasha Theatre is one of Mumbai's most exciting new theatre companies that looks to engage audiences with a wide definition of theatre and the arts. Launched four years ago to explore new texts, ideas, talent, and a deeper connect with audiences in smaller, intimate performance spaces, Tamaasha Theatre has successfully collaborated with alternative spaces in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai. In 2017, Taamasha set up its own work and performance space, Studio Tamaasha, in Versova, Mumbai.

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